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Real Life to Abstraction

For this piece, I could pick whatever subject I wanted as long as I played with the idea of abstraction. I decided to go with a chameleon because of its intricate pattern and then I did a series of pieces that showcased the progression into abstraction. Once I figured out the progression I had to take one scene and recreate it in acrylic.


Abstract word representation

For this project, I had to design a piece based on a word and then change it to make it make more sense. I chose the word repression. And I tried to explain what happens when someone finally breaks free of repression.


Self portrait

This was a piece all about the face. I had to do a self-portrait in acrylic paint. I then could only paint in boxes that also could be no bigger than half an inch but could be smaller if more detail was wanted. I ended up basing this piece on a photo I had taken of myself for senior photos in high school.


Three-Piece Set

This piece was all about creating three separate pieces that came together to make one. In the case of my piece, I based mine on an older car. I then had to create one half-black shadow with white highlights and then on the other side inverted of that. The middle section was done through how it actually looked with shading involved not just solid colors.

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