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Cardboard-Valentines day Card

This was the first piece I did in my Art 170 class. Focusing on only using cardboard I had to create an abstract design that could stand up and stay together without glue being used. I had torn the cardboard as well as soaked it to create the design I did.


Button Corset

For this piece, I had to use an everyday object multiple times to create a design. I was not allowed to use glue again for this project. I ended up picking buttons and beads as my everyday objects. I then created a life-size corset by taping myself up and cutting myself out of it. I then hand-sewed all the buttons into the tape and used a hole puncher to open up the back to thread the blue ribbon through.


Wood- Train of Thought

For this piece, we had to explore wood and how to create something from it. I ended up using string and screws to keep it all together. I had a hard time when designing this piece and when I found that I liked a rounded edge piece I decided that I should go in that direction. I ended up cutting multiple pieces to go through those circular wood pieces to get a sense of flow.

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