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Animal hybrid

This was the first piece I did in 2021 for my intermediate drawing class. I was asked to take three different animals and put them on a human body but they had to be significant parts of the animals for others to identify. I did a ballerina pose with an eagle's wings, poison dart frog legs, and a red panda. I decided to create a creature based on endangered animals.


This was a drawing that was done with acrylic paint and colored pencils. It focused on how nature can be affected by wildfires. I have always thought of wildfires in a negative way, especially after losing my family's cabin to the Cameron Peak Fire. In this piece, I wanted to explore the positive side of fires and when doing so I learned about how some plant life needs fires to regenerate. I wanted to focus on the germination process and the life cycle of nature that takes place because of it. I cut out the shape of a pine cone that would be open after the germination process and designed my piece on top of it.



Beauty Standards

This was a piece done in collage images. watercolor, marker, and some acrylic. I was asked to focus on a social problem that I found prevalent in today's society and display both sides of the story. I chose to do mine with one unrealistic beauty standard. On the left would be the unrealistic side with Kim Kardashian as the poster child with other things such as fake hair and plastic surgery items. On the right is the positive side showcasing acceptance for looks no matter the gender but more specifically the female gender.

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