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Internship Work

Starting in January of 2023 I started an internship with Colorado State University's College of Natural Sciences Dean's Office. In this internship, I was a part of the communications team. In this section, I will showcase what I am most proud of from my internship. I was tasked with multiple tasks from photography, videography, graphic design, social media, and writing stories.

Social Media Post

This is a series of social media posts showcasing students in the College of Natural Sciences who got a scholarship. Includes a LinkedIn post, a Facebook post, and an Instagram story. 



The College of Natural Sciences wanted stickers for their dean list ceremony and Ram Welcome events that were still minimally Colorado State University branded. Looking at the Little Shop of Physics stickers that they offered, I found one with a funny chemistry joke. Playing

off that idea I decided to create Cam the Ram being a part of each

major in some way or another with jokes tailored to each one. They were produced as stickers and props for students and faculty to use.

Day In The Life- Video(s)

For these two videos, I helped my supervisor with a few things but did not edit them. I was present to film by checking audio, watching two cameras, and keeping things looking right by stopping them if there was anything going wrong with the cameras. Then at the end, I created the closed captions for YouTube.

Andrea Gomez (Rams Shape Science)

This story was written about an alumnus who has been able to move on to do bigger and better things. It focuses on Andrea Gomez and her curiosity to research the brain for understanding different conditions / potential treatment. This story was about telling her story over a hard science story.


Recruitment Card Design


Recruitment cards for each department in the College of Natural Sciences. Uses the new brand with each individual card. Reworked multiple times thinking about accessibility and the use of student diversity to create the final design.

Photography Around Campus

I created a reel and multiple photography that showcased before and after school started for the first week of classes. 


Crab Lab Photos

I have needed to take photos of labs to showcase what students are doing being apart of different departments. Then we file them away for other purposes such as use on Instagram. In this case, I got to take photos of Crabs being put into new boxes as well as students working on research.


Scholarship design

For this project, I worked with the computer science department to create designs to share information about a scholarship they had for students with cybersecurity. I used Colorado State University's new branding to create the designs while still having fun with the theme of cybersecurity. I also created a web banner for their website.

Cyber Scholarship 1920x1080.jpg

Campus Life During Summer

I went out and took photographs of people who were walking around campus. Since it was a bit of rainy summer when I made this project it was nice to capture a day in which there was not a lot of rain.

Computer Science Reel

I created a Reel for Instagram for students who are freshmen going into their first computer science classes and where they can find help. I created this video with the help of one of the lead students who helps the freshmen. Her name was Ashlyn Lee. She did the voiceover and then I put all of it together.

Long Lens Photography

This project was all about taking photos of campus life and was my first time using a longer lens. I ended up learning through videos how to capture the style my supervisor discussed. I went out twice to capture life on campus with and without snow to capture full-body motion.

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