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Infertility to Miracle Babies


By: Nikky Sims

December 7, 2020

Longmont, CO –

Sitting around other women at her Wednesday night Bible Study, Carolyn Root, lost it. “I don’t cry, I just don’t, it’s rare,” she said. Root had been sitting listening to a lady in the group explain her life. This lady had been sharing almost word for word what Root had been going through for the last ten years but she had no idea.

“I had not planned on telling anybody,” Root said. “I had told my husband a few days before about struggling with faith when you’re being denied the one desire of your heart.” She started to cry however and had to explain why.

Carolyn Root was going through something that would be any woman’s worst nightmare. Root at the age of 22 was told she could never have a child. Root grew up wanting two children to call her own.

The crazy thing is, is it is more common than you think to be infertile. Just in the United States alone the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that about 10% of women (6.1 million) have problems with infertility.

The Office of Women’s Health explains that when there’s a problem with infertility in the female it is usually due to problems with ovulation.

Some problems that the Office of Women’s Health explained were things such as blocked fallopian tubes, physical problems with the uterus and uterine fibroids.

Root and her husband decided in the ten years of trying to go as far as they could. “My admiration for my wife has only increased,” Tim Root, Carolyn’s husband said. “She is a very tough lady. “She endured the physical and emotional pain of surgeries for chance to have kids.”

“I went through two surgeries,” she said. “In the first surgery they said that my ovaries were as smooth as a newborn baby.”

The Office of Women’s Health explains that when there’s a problem with infertility in the female it is usually due to problems with ovulation.

Some problems that the Office of Women’s Health explained were things such as blocked fallopian tubes, physical problems with the uterus and uterine fibroids.

The Office of Women’s Health also says, “Infertility can be treated with medicine, surgery, artificial insemination or assisted reproductive technology.”

After the first surgery she was put on clomiphene for three years. When that did not work, she went through another surgery. She ended up doing an ovarian wedge resection. Root explained that it is basically where they poke holes in the shell to get the ovaries to function.

She ran into a problem, however. Root’s doctor never told her that she only had six months to get pregnant or the procedure would make it harder for her. “There was no way we were going to pursue a baby, so we let that go pretty much for the next five years,” Root said.

After ten years of this cycle, she set an appointment with her doctor to try again and then went to the Bible Study group. Telling her story to the people in her bible study group brought relief to her.

“The lady that was leading the group said she and everyone else in the group was going to pray for me,” Root said. “I was like oh great cause you hear that five hundred and ten times. “Instead, they said they were going to pray for a miracle, and they did.”

That following Friday Root went to her doctor’s appointment where she found out that they could not do anything for her. After the devastating appointment she had to go with her husband to Lamar, Colorado and visit his family.

“I cried all the way down there,” Root said. She decided to take a walk outside to get fresh air and to think while everyone else stayed inside doing stuff.

“I came to this crossroads where I realized that what I wanted I was hanging on to with just fists of anger,” she said. “I had to accept God knew better than I did, and he loved me enough to say no or he didn’t exist, and it was all a farce.”

She came to the realization however that faith is what has helped her keep going and she should not give up on her dreams. “I was like okay God whatever plan you have it is yours 100% because I can’t do it anymore,” Root said.

She soon let go of her thoughts and dropped it into the hands of God. A year later she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Gareth. “She went from bitterness to acceptance, and, of course, that’s when it happened,” Tim said.

“Doctors look at certain things when babies are born like how their ears are curled and formation of fingers,” Root said. The doctors did this when Gareth was born, and they found that he was conceived the weekend she let go.

After the first year of Gareth’s life Root started to pray for another child. “The doctors said it was just a fluke and she should be happy that she has one happy and healthy baby,” Root said.

Root’s brother fell ill around that November and when he went into surgery to get a double lung transplant, she sat with her family in the waiting. While in the waiting room she prayed for another baby. It was different this time though.

Root was 35 at the time and ready to have God help her a second time. She asked God to be pregnant by Christmas or she would accept having one child. She waited a week before she told even her husband about what she had prayed for.

Tim, her husband, had found it to be ridiculous. Weeks pass by without even thinking of it until Christmas Eve. “I got up early Christmas Eve and went to go get a pregnancy test,” Root said. “I came back in and said to Tim that he was going to be a father again. “I have two miracle men.”

Root ended up having another child that following August. Root named her second child Austin. At the age of 56 now Root’s children ages of 23, Gareth, and 21, Austin, have grown up and she found something new to pray for.

“I prayed for the three H’s,” Root said. “I prayed for them to have health, happiness, and the Holy Spirit. “I wanted my children to be able to have lasting connections with people.”

Root had her faith alongside her which she felt was the only thing that got her through to the point where she is now. Root explained that she always wanted kids and having them was a totally different experience.

“I always thought I knew what love was, you don’t know what love is until you have your own child, and it gives a totally different depth to the meaning of love for you,” Root said.

Here is a photo of Carolyn Root and her whole family from this year.

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