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Documentary: Going Out in Nature

This project was all about creating something for fun that interested me while also learning something completely new. I created this documentary as a way for starting photographers to understand the harm we can cause to animals and how we can prevent that. I talked to three wildlife photographers and one professional at the Wild Animal Sanctuary. I worked on creating this entire thing by myself for an entire semester. While I still have more to learn I feel I have a greater understanding of how documentaries and wildlife photography works.

Commercial Practice

For this project, I was asked to create either a mini-documentary, a PSA, or a commercial. I chose to create a commercial for a made-up cooking show. The cooking show was meant to be a series that would have been uploaded to YouTube if it was actually a real show. This was my first video project so I learned the creation and editing process along the way. I was able to create this video with the help of Austin Root who was my host for the show.

What is Crackpots?

For this project, I was asked to create a video on a business and tell the story of who they are and what they do as a company. This project was one of a set of four projects that I did for this assignment with this company in Longmont, Colorado. To see more of what I did with this project check this out: Crackpots

GoPro Point of  View

For this project, I created a video that was all about using a GoPro. I focus on the point of view of my world and even my tools world. I chose to do this piece on my art major and more specifically my interest in painting. I was focused more on telling the story rather than finishing the piece to get a sequence of shots.

Personality Profile-Carolyn Root

For this project, I knew Carolyn Root from a previous project but wanted to tell a story more about her life and the art that she creates. From this piece, I think it really tells a different side of her than the other story I did on her.

BEA 48-hour film comp: CLAVE

This project was with a group of around ten people in which we worked together to make a video that had the genre of a telenovela, the name Steven with a V had to be in it and a flashlight as a prop had to also be included. There was also a quote that had to be included. I ended up working on the team as the editor and the script writer for the assignment. We worked over the course of 48 hours to create the entire piece from start to finish.  It had to be under 6 minutes and no less than 3 not including credit/title slides.

Personality Profile-Dawn Wilson

For my final project in one of my classes, I created a personality profile on Dawn Wilson a wildlife photographer. After hearing Dawn talk at a symposium on Colorado State University campus I wanted to get in touch with her a learn more about what she does, how she does it, and who she is because of it. This video explores that.

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