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Santiago's 23rd Anniversary Campaign

I decided to explore a project that would touch on my majors while also creating something for my job. I designed a t-shirt that advertises Santiagos Longmont's anniversary. Included in the t-shirt was a sign to be hung up discussing the event. In March 2024, it was given out to customers and employees. In this project, I learned how to pitch to a corporation and update things such as fonts to fit exactly what they wanted. 

Beer Can Label Design

Gold Dust is a California Common beer that is designed to call upon the gold rush period when the style of beer was first introduced. Since this beer was only produced in a small quantity, I created a design that called upon gold dust which was something not many people have ever held in their hand creating a sense of rarity while also incorporating one of California’s state fishes the golden trout. Below are the images of the cans that were created after I updated them to have proper alcohol can information/ warnings.

ThreePartBeerMockup copy.jpg
Gold Dust 1 .jpg
Gold Dust 2.jpg
Screenshot 2023-10-28 094519.png
Screenshot 2023-10-28 094537.png

Ramsafe- Figma UX Design Work

For this project, I created an app with three other people that focused on helping students get safety information without having to get notifications from multiple sites. The students also had the opportunity to talk to police, get help safety-wise, and report anything that may be of importance to safety on the Colorado State University campus.

IMG_7155 (1).jpeg

Rebranding Old Town Spice Shop

The Old Town Spice Shop in Fort Collins, Colorado had only

ever used their name for all their marketing material. Using

their already established color theme I incorporated a simplistic

mortar and pestle logo design. The font they chose also felt

out of date and needed something a bit newer feeling to

encourage younger people to come in since it is in a college town. 


Aging Research Posterzine

While aging is different for everyone Nicole Earhart has found that our common household dogs can experience similar things to that of their human companion. Showcasing Earhart’s research through a posterzine, I wanted to get people to think about what their dog could be showing them for how they are aging. Calling upon the funny images online of people looking like their dog I created this posterzine with illustrations of humans and dogs of different ages that looked like one another to help bridge the connection between us and our dogs.


The 12 Dancing Princesses Book

This project is a Grimm Brothers fairytale that is split up into 48 pages

showcasing the different scenes of the story. The illustrations are focused

on the intimate scenes of what the humans did within the story but with less

emphasis on the humans themselves. As a kid, I watched Barbie and the Twelve

Dancing Princesses which influenced the bright happy colors, but I did not want my

design to feel to similar to that so I changed the emphasis and the look of the people.


Cyrano de Bergerac Opera Poster

This project is a Cyrano de Bergerac Opera Poster that showcases that calls upon the last love letter Cyrano wrote to his love. I pulled in the calligraphy from the 1800s created with watercolor and then dumped paper in coffee to get an old letter feeling to create the different faces, Christian and Cyrano, but also to make it feel like it came from the late 1800s when the opera was first produced.

I hide the faces within the letter to make it feel like that of how the love

story went for Cyrano while also calling upon how he felt he needed to look.


Sticker & Animation

For this project, I created nine stickers looking at a trip to Yellowstone I had with my family in 2021. I wanted to take wildlife from the area and have them doing human interactions. I then had to take at least three of the stickers and make them come to life. I had fun with this project because of the freedom

I had but I learned that it can be hard to keep things looking consistent.

2022-11-08 (1).png

Wildfire Poster Series

For this project, I had to focus on a list of different topics and find a story to tell within one of them. I chose to do mine on the topic of climate. I took inspiration from Jill Pelto. I wanted to incorporate statistics into my illustrations. In the end, I decided to create my piece on Colorado wildfires and their effect on our everyday lives. I thought about houses lost, animal relocation, acres burned, and trout populations. In creating this series I wanted to create something I personally connected to

but also something that made a statement on the good and the bad of wildfires.

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